One of these people has probably made you late to class.

Jill Mazzola and Emma Desrosiers

NESPA Winner: Bylined Column & Artwork/cartoon, 2022

The Lancer Spirit, Londonderry High School, Londonderry, NH

Walk. Stop. Go around. Stop to gawk in shock. Bump. Trip. Sigh. Walk again.

Forget gym class–just getting to class each day can be an obstacle course on its own. Those five minutes between classes can be pretty rough depending on who you pass by each day.

So take a moment to read the descriptions of the various types of hall-walkers below. Then it’s time to do some self-reflection.

Do you see yourself in what has been written? You do?

Then it’s time to make some changes in your hall-walking style, my friend, because you just might be someone else’s obstacle course.


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