Is birth control the perfect solution?

Arianna Conomacos

NESPA Winner: Bylined column, 2023

The Lancer Spirit, Londonderry High School, Londonderry, NH

Periods. They suck. They make us break out. They hurt, and they NEVER come at a good time. And always manage to ruin your good underwear.

For many girls, periods aren’t just a simple annoyance. Sometimes our cramps can get in the way of our lives and become a real issue. One of the first recommendations, when teens go to their doctors, is birth control pills. For many people, this tiny little pill is a great option for them.

And no wonder. Birth control is great for regulating period symptoms. They have been shown to help stabilize the regularity of your menstrual cycle, and can even lower you chance of some cancers. It can help with acne and sometimes alleviate cramps.

An over-the-counter birth control pill would revolutionize woman’s autonomy in the United States. In the wake of the overturn of Roe v Wade for many access to over-the-counter birth control has become even more important. In other countries where over-the-counter pills have been made available they have lower unwanted pregnancies, and have even impacted the teen pregnancy rate. The ease of access has also been shown to increase continuous usage by many women and have allowed for more than ever to see its long term benefits. But how do you know that they are safe for you?


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