Who received the Scholastics Art and Writing Awards?


Suzie Kim and Josie Song

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The Bradford, Wellesley High School, Wellesley, MA

The Scholastics Art and Writing Awards, the nation’s oldest recognition program for teens with creative interests, recently released its winners of the competition. At the high school, a total of sixty eight students were recognized for their talent. Out of those sixty eight students, 8 were awarded the gold key.

Reagan O’Neil ‘23 recently won a Gold Key from the Scholastic Arts and Writing competition for a piece titled Smoothed by the Tides, a sterling silver necklace.

“The sea glass is all put in what’s called a prong setting. You’ll see that some of them are traditional prongs and on the other end, they’re a little bit longer to give more of a modern twist to the piece. [Reagan] made this piece for his mother and she always wears it out at fancier events and things like that,” said Metals Intensive teacher Ms. Shayla Vines.

O’Neil enjoys delving into multimedia by using different materials and pieces to create his artwork. When he received sea glass pieces from his friends, he was inspired to create a united, multimedia-filled, piece.

“I saw them and I wanted to make them into one cohesive piece, using the pieces of sea glass,” said O’Neil. “I’m really proud of the way it came together overall. The secret is that pieces of sea glass are in different shapes because they’re naturally formed so I’m really happy with the way that I made them fit together.”


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