Outside the classroom, music teachers perform with passion

Sophie Hjerpe

NESPA Winner: Feature story, 2023

The Harbinger, Algonquin Regional High School, Northborough, MA

After a school day full of teaching students, Algonquin’s music teachers showcase their passions and talents by performing themselves.

Performing Arts teachers Eric Vincent and Olivia Goliger channel their respective passions for guitar and singing into their own performances, which brings them joy and influences their work in the classroom.

“It gives [teachers] real life experience working with other professionals in the area where they can bring the ideas back to the students here,” Fine and Performing Arts department head Amy Collins said. “It also keeps their skills fresh and engaging.”

Vincent performs frequently, whether it be with a seven piece band at weddings, at private parties or doing freelance work. Vincent said he does a fair amount of one-off gigs and even musical theater work.

“I love that I can make a living with two of my passions of teaching and music,” Vincent said.

Goliger sings with the exclusive Boston Symphony Orchestra. According to Goliger, the audition process to join this prestigious orchestra was extensive and challenging.


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