Day of Racial Reform and Solidarity aims to spark conversation and educate

Mila Seifert

NESPA Winner: Feature story, 2023

The Cypress, Brookline High School, Brookline, MA

As the high school attempts to grapple with the sheer magnitude of racially charged incidents this year, the Day of Racial Reform and Solidarity (DoRRS) served as a resource for shedding light and educating students on the systems of racial oppression in our community and beyond, while emphasizing a celebration of the diverse racial identities within the high school.

This year’s DoRRS, formerly known as Asking for Courage Day, took place on Thursday, May 12. Junior Madison Allen played a central role in the organization and preparation for the day. The D-block portion of the day was titled “Telling Our Stories” and featured eight speakers: Pablo Meyers, Zara Sideeka, Dean Karim Azeb, Rowan Roudeboush, William Yoon, Ellie Hyde, Marcella Huang, Jacquovia Higgs, Dean Lisa Redding and Ary Alvarez-Valdez. Students of color were provided with the option to watch the speeches live in the auditorium during D-block. The presentation was also streamed online in classrooms. DoRRS closed with a G-block celebration including art, music, games and presentations from various affinity clubs.

Allen said the goal of the name change was to transition the focus of the day to being actively engaged in racial equity work, while also acknowledging the work others are doing.


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