APAC and SASA host Diwali celebration

Ravin Bhatia

NESPA Winner: Feature story, 2023

The Cypress, Brookline High School, Brookline, MA

Students gathered in the MLK Room during X-block on Wednesday, Oct. 26 to attend a Diwali celebration co-hosted by the Asian and Pacific American Club (APAC) and the South Asian Student Alliance (SASA).

Diwali is a widely celebrated holiday among several South Asian countries. Known as the “Festival of Lights,” it celebrates the victory of light over darkness, or good over evil.

APAC co-president and senior Krisha Grigaliunas said there is great diversity in how the holiday is celebrated by South Asians.

“Traditions differ between religions and even family to family,” Grigaliunas said. “But [they] include cleaning the entire house, making colorful rangolis, giving gifts to close friends and family, lighting diyas, enjoying delicious food and spending time with your loved ones.”

The event was the high school’s second major celebration of South Asian culture and holidays.
The first, which took place in April and was also led by APAC and SASA, commemorated Holi, known as the “Festival of Colors,” a celebration in honor of the Hindu deity, Krishna.


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