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Four Hour Frenzy Hits The Standard

A still image from Team 1’s video: “Steeped in History.”

NESPA held our first ever Broadcast Journalism in person contest this past October.  The event took place October 20th at The Thomas Crane Public Library in Quincy. 

The premise was simple: teams had four hours to brainstorm, write, produce and edit a broadcast package following the prompt theme “Steeped in History” or “Downtown Revitalized”. In order to make the contest a bit more exciting, participants did not know the theme ahead of time nor were they allowed not allowed to schedule interviews or shoot video ahead of time. 

The event had 17 teams participate from five different schools, including Braintree High School, Holbrook Middle-High School, Newton North High School, Wareham High School and West Bridgewater High School. 

We are happy to announce that all 17 teams hit their deadline, which is a huge success in and of itself. 

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Upon submission each story was evaluated by industry professionals, providing students valuable feedback on their work to help improve their skills. 

Here are the results:


Holbrook Middle-High School Team 2

Madison Burnett, Jordan Cioffi & Chuck Luarasi


Holbrook Middle-High School Team 3  

Dhir Patel, Johann Rodriguez Viera, John Silipigno & Anthony Sivos


Holbrook Middle-High School Team 1

Derek Fox, Gavin Moore, Kelvin Mungai & Amy Yip



Braintree High School 4

Eyoale Teshager, Finn Kastner & Michael Crowley


Newton North High School Team 2 

Elene Aroshidze, Savannah Bond, Ben Newman, & Mauricio Riedewald


Braintree High school 3

Julia Stock, Fred Hall & Cole Vandor


Newton North High School Team 3

Luis Carvalho, Maya Macomber, Ruby Metcalf, & Sydney Winton


Newton North High School Team 1

Anasha Kaskar, Diego Perez, Oren Pinhasi, & Alexia Rindisbacher



Holbrook Middle-High School Team 4

Trey Cruz, Marco Santini, Carmen Sautelet & Antoli Theodate


Newton North High School Team 4

Isabella Dugan, Molly Morrison, & Asher Salmon Hansen


Braintree High School 2

Sabrina Turpin, Kathryn Tran, EJ Donatiello & Juliana Linker


West Bridgewater Middle High School 1

Aidan Maher, Thomas Stapleton, Lucy Pimental,  Dharalynn Soto & Zachary Lefferts


Braintree High School 1

Lilah Downey, Caitlyn Moran, Audrey Dennison & Hannah Carr


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