Podcasting studio is LHS’s hidden gem


Josh Truesdale

Editors Sathvik Manam and Josh Truesdale test out the equipment available in the Studio. Sathvik used this area to create his podcast, Talking Peanuts, which had three episodes earlier this school year.

Josh Truesdale, Londonderry High School

NESPA Winner: Feature Story, 2022

The Lancer Spirit, Londonderry High School, Londonderry, NH

Green screens, Mac computers, editing software, filming equipment, and so much more. It’s nothing new to hear that LHS has a large variety of technological resources for students to utilize. However, the extent of it isn’t exactly obvious, as hidden in the 300’s is the underused Media Studio.

The Studio is a gem unknown to many students, despite it being a fully functional space where podcasts and other audio projects can be produced. Multimedia teacher Karen Robinson is often in the Studio and has acted as its advisor since around 2005.

“It’s accessible, it’s available, and at the moment I’m the one doing the coordinating,” Robinson said. “Students just need to come see me or contact me to get things rolling.”

There is a large amount of technology accessible to students in the Media Studio. This includes a variety of audio and film equipment. However, much of this equipment goes unused, presumably because not many students understand that it’s a good resource. Either individually or as a group, the Studio is available for everybody to utilize (with permission, of course).


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