Say “hello” to ‘Good Riddance’

Grace Hsu

NESPA Winner: Review, 2023

The Ghostwriter, Westford Academy, Westford, MA

It is often said that global superstar Taylor Swift has three non-biological children: Gracie Abrams, Conan Gray, and Olivia Rodrigo. Indeed, all of her “children” have songs stylistically similar to Swift’s, but all have their own talents and quirks.

Abrams in particular is known for her relatable, heartbreakingly honest lyrics. With an angelic voice, she sings over soft instrumentals and is sometimes accompanied by cheerful beats and synths. On Feb. 24, she released her debut bedroom-pop album Good Riddance. In typical Abrams fashion, in the album, her voice stands out, and her songwriting is vivid. While most artists sing about how other people have treated them badly, Abrams sings about her own wrongdoings and mental health.

The album is composed of 12 tracks that are musically similar to the songs on her EP This is What it Feels Like. However, Good Riddance is a step up from This is What it Feels Like. Even in just two years, from the lyrics and style of the songs, it is clear how the 23-year-old has matured from a disconsolate teenager to a self-aware young woman. According to Abrams, the album is more than just a breakup album—it’s also about a past life, evolving, and growing up. She wrote the songs to feel like versions of an apology.

Abrams is gaining fame as she will be opening for Swift’s Eras Tour, singing at 30 shows over five months. Although she is a small artist with only 7.8 million monthly followers on Spotify, Good Riddance was #5 on the charts for Spotify’s top debut albums globally between Feb. 24-25.


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