Localizing contest winners for 2021

Algonquin Regional High School

The Harbinger

“Behind the scenes of ‘Seussical’” Claire Bai and Brianna Tang


Brimmer and May School

The Gator online IV

“With State Reopening, Students Feel Normalcy Near” Kate Hirschen

“Teens Grieve for India Amid COVID-19 Crisis” Natalie Kozhemiakin

“Photo Essay: Band Improvises During COVID-19” Edan Zinn

“Earth is Melting” Evan Michaeli

“Gamble Wins Division IV NEPSAC Race, Cementing Historic Team Finish” Gator Staff



The Sagamore

“The Fragile Femme: Self-expression in fashion” Jordan Liss-Riordan

“Years of initiatives fail to address racial disparities in Brookline schools” Sofia Hauser

“History teachers recognize flawed curriculum” Ava Varrell and Nate Parry Luff

“You aren’t alone; teachers are stressed too” Anya Rao and Luca Kelley Nielsen


Cape Tech Regional Technical

Tech Talk

“Why Vaccines Matter” Kelsey Baker and Nevaeh Ellis

“Students Weigh in on Abortion Law” Serena Urbina 


Holbrook Middle-High School

Code Blue News

“Holbrook’s Veterans Day Ceremony” Joseph McLaughlin

“Holbrook’s Connection To Our Darkest Day” Joseph McLaughlin with Andrew Card


Milton High School

Elephant in the Room

“School Buckles-Down On Gym Class Sneaker Mandate” Kevin Carberry

“Milton High Dress Code Graphic” Abigail Raymond

“Could Milton be turning into a beach town?” Mia Gilmore


Newton North

The Newtonite 

“Student elections adapt to COVID-19” Jacob Zalis

“’Friday Night Lights’ spotlights gender disparity” Maxwell Lu

“Pandemic prompts talk of test-optional admissions” Maxwell Lu

“Hyflex return invigorates Newtonville businesses” Emma Burns


Plymouth South

Panther TV

“Sharks” Ainsley Richardson

“Theatre’s back” Mia Gregg

“Dirt Biking Dedication” Jacob Doonan

“The Boston Marathon Returns” Aiden Brady

“Senior Night Out” Ainsley Richards

“Riding Therapy” Abby Connell

“Urban Nutcracker” Delia Toppa

“Vaccines” Tyler Spicer

“Lights of Hope” Emma Pollock

“Custodians” Justin Gates

“Racing” Savannah Lyons


Westford Academy

WA Ghostwriter

“Westford Remembers makes a mark in its community” Anushka Patil, James Farley and Kristen Su

“Soundbytes: Remembering 9/11” Kristen Su

“Coping with COVID-19, missing out on familial relationships” Srinithi Raj 

“Students start fundraiser to help India become ‘Covid Safe’” Melanie Duranio